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Corporate & Business


M. E. (Dick) Gibson, Jr.

Tremblay & Smith, PLLC has represented a variety of business clients including international corporations, small businesses, family businesses and sole proprietorships over the past fifty (50) years.  Our experience with the unique needs of these various types of business entities allows us to better serve all of our clients’ business needs.  We have longstanding relationships with many of our business clients and have represented some for decades.

Our business attorneys are available to assist clients in a wide range of corporate matters during the life of a business, from formation to dissolution and the events of daily business operation in between.

Business Formation

Business Acquisitions and Sales

We advise and assist clients in establishing a business, including selection and organization of the most appropriate business entity for that client’s particular situation.  Our attorneys have experience in drafting governing documents that will protect the business owner.

For those businesses already established, but seeking a change, we also advise and assist clients in acquisitions and sales.  Our business attorneys have handled corporate restructurings and are able to assist and shepherd clients through what can often be a complex process.

Business Counseling


Thomas M. Hendell

We maintain close relationships with our business clients and are available to discuss any matter of importance to the client including business structure and planning, contractual matters, problem solving, employment issues, and more.  If a dispute arises,, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to effectively negotiate or litigate the issue on the client’s behalf.  For many of our clients we are essentially a part of their management team for critical matters.

Contract Negotiations

When a business enters into a contract, it rightly expects to receive what it has bargained for.  Our attorneys have experience in negotiating and preparing contracts governing all aspects of business transactions.  Understanding the parties’ perspectives enables us to be sure the particular language used in a contract clearly reflects these perspectives to avoid future disputes, as well as to position our clients to prevail when a dispute does arise.  Our experience in drafting, negotiating and litigating contractual matters helps to protect and preserve our clients’ expectations in their business dealings.

Employment Law


Evan D. Mayo

There are many aspects of employment law that give rise to questions or disputes for businesses.  Tremblay & Smith, PLLC has assisted its clients in the preparation or review of employment contracts, employee handbooks, employment forms and policies, and has represented its business clients in litigation arising from termination and other employment related matters.  Our attorneys take a pro-active approach in drafting employment contracts or negotiating employment matters to attempt to contain and limit employment disputes, thereby assisting the clients in preserving the beneficial workplace environment they seek.

General Commercial Litigation

Our business attorneys have considerable experience in aggressively litigating disputes on behalf of its clients in a variety of areas.  Our knowledge of the law underlying the dispute together with our trial experience in various state and federal courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, allow us to provide exceptional representation to our clients both outside of and in the courtroom.  For more specifics on the areas of business law in which we litigate, please see our practice area sections involving Contract Disputes, Employment Law, Commercial Real Estate, Communications Law, and Land Use and Zoning.

Commercial Real Estate

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist clients in every aspect of commercial real estate transactions, including the drafting of contracts, deeds, loan documents, easement agreements, leases, and other agreements.  We have experience in analyzing and curing title defects, and in analyzing and obtaining proper zoning approvals to allow for our clients’ intended use of the property.  When necessary, we have litigated on behalf of our clients to resolve title disputes or appeal zoning decisions.  We are prepared to assist any business client seeking to acquire, sell or develop real estate throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Communications Law

Tremblay & Smith, PLLC has represented leaders in the telecommunications industry for almost 20 years.  We have negotiated contracts with landowners for telecommunication sites, obtained zoning approvals from local governments throughout the state, cured title defects which may have prohibited a telecommunications use on a property, and participated in the drafting of several local telecommunications ordinances as a representative of the industry.  We have litigated claims under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and have developed lasting and trusting relationships with the majority of local governments and other players within the field of Communications Law in Virginia.  Our experience and the relationships we have cultivated serve our clients well by helping them successfully and efficiently achieve the needs of their various networks.

Land Use and Zoning

Our attorneys have represented a variety of clients before Planning Commissions, Boards of Supervisors, City Councils, Boards of Zoning Appeals, Boards of Architectural Review and other local government bodies or agencies to obtain approval for various types of development, including residential subdivisions, retail/office developments, telecommunications facilities, recreational facilities, and more.  We have the knowledge and experience to counsel our clients regarding the most appropriate and efficient way to accomplish it development needs.  In addition, we have established positive and trusting relationships with the governing bodies of many localities, as well as with their planning staffs.  While we have found that the best preparation and strategy generally avoid adverse experiences or disputes in this area, we do have the knowledge and experience necessary to litigate an appeal of zoning denials when necessary.  Our goal is to obtain the approvals necessary to allow for our clients intended development in the most cost efficient and time efficient manner possible.